Trichome Village is a site dedicated to bringing its viewers great HD marijuana pictures with zoom capability. We have a newer section up that allows you, the viewer, to submit your own marijuana related pictures for review. Once a month we will post guest shots and give credit where credit is due. We also love providing marijuana related knowledge to our viewers. Anything seen on this site is intended for educational purposes only.

I purchased an Olympus Stylus 9000 a couple years ago and started messing around. The macro mode became my favorite feature very quickly. Though it is just a point and shoot, this camera takes great pictures.

The idea for this site came to me while viewing some amazing pictures of nature. I started to think about how I could share these pictures with the world. After browsing around and seeing all the great HD nature photos out there I wondered, why don’t the sites allow you to zoom into every picture? A friend of mine then sent me a photography site about marijuana and it all clicked. Since then I’ve been taking tons of macro shots of marijuana and posting the good ones here at Trichome Village.

This site is working on getting monetized. I am putting all the money from the site back into the site, new gear, and marijuana merch. I plan on getting a digital SLR and nice macro lens eventually. Like I said my goal is to bring you guys great pictures.

With that being said if you like the site please feel free to donate below using paypal. Any amount will help me to pay for the hosting and new gear. Right now I am paying out of pocket to run this site so please help my cause.

Thanks to everyone that has helped so far and everyone that will help in the future. I wish the best for everyone and look forward to bringing you some more amazing HD marijuana pictures.