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  • Recreational Marijuana Legalization Issues

    Recreational Marijuana Legalization Issues

    So, everyone has heard of recreational marijuana use becoming newly legal in Colorado and Washington state. While you may assume everyone is overwhelmed with joy, […]

  • How to Tell if Your Marijuana is Immature

    How to Tell if Your Marijuana is Immature

    Sometimes you will hear someone speak about premature marijuana. What is this immature weed they speak of? How can I make sure my weed isn’t […]

  • Legalized Marijuana Use Closer than Ever

    Legalized Marijuana Use Closer than Ever

    I am sure everyone here would love to be able to smoke freely in a park without constantly looking over their shoulder to see if […]

  • Reseda Dispensary Guest Photos

    Reseda Dispensary Guest Photos

    A Reseda dispensary sent us a couple of there personal HD marijuana photos. Humboldt Relief is a pre-ICO medical marijuana dispensary for California licensed cannabis […]

  • Take the Cannibutter Leap

    Take the Cannibutter Leap

    This day only comes once every four years. What a great day to try something new. You have always wanted to try cannibutter but never […]

  • Blueberry x Haze = BLAZE!!

    Blueberry x Haze = BLAZE!!

    You’re for sure going to want to use the zoom function on this one. Blaze is a strain that makes for great HD marijuana pictures, […]