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  • Why Vaporize?

    Why Vaporize?

    What is Vaporizing? Why should you vaporize? THC at a certain temperature turns to vapor. THC vaporizes around 180 to 200 degrees Celsius. Marijuana burns […]

  • Medical Marijuana

    Medical Marijuana

    Medical marijuana is the term that has been used in past to describe the holy grail of marijuana. “I heard this one kid had medical […]

  • Marijuana Flowers

    Marijuana Flowers

    Marijuana buds are flowers. Whats your favorite flower? Short post for today just wanted to get another beautiful picture to your eyes on this beautiful […]

  • Cured Marijuana is Better

    Cured Marijuana is Better

    All the buds you see that look amazing but just do not have the sweet smell your looking for, are likely the result of improperly […]

  • Kief Rhymes with Reef

    Kief Rhymes with Reef

    What is Kief? Why do you hear this word once in a while? Well simply put its pure trichomes. That’s right kief is trichomes only. […]

  • Dont Eat Marijuana Before You Treat It

    Dont Eat Marijuana Before You Treat It

    Here is a good thing to know. THC is a fat and alcohol soluble chemical. This means you cannot eat it straight out of the […]