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  • What is a marijuana clone?

    What is a marijuana clone?

    What is a clone? You have probably heard this term if you are a smoker of ganja. Here’s the skinny. Soooo…there’s this rooting hormone and […]

  • Picking a Bubbler

    Picking a Bubbler

    Anyone own a bubbler? Water serves a lot of functionality when it comes to smoking marijuana. Bubblers are kinda like a normal hand pipe except […]

  • Cleaning Marijuana Pipes

    Cleaning Marijuana Pipes

    Everyone loves a nicely colored, inside out, and thick glass marijuana pipe. The colors that seem to appear out of nowhere are due to marijuana […]

  • What is Hashish?

    What is Hashish?

    What is hashish? Is hashish different than hash? Why is your hash a different color this time? Hash is just the short word form of […]

  • Marijuana Nicknames

    Marijuana Nicknames

    No one out there calls this stuff marijuana when they chat about it. The list of marijuana nicknames is outrageous. This post is dedicated to […]

  • Winter White Out

    Winter White Out

    Tribute to all the white marijuana strains out there. You know the stuff that looks like sugar coated buds that you are almost scared of […]