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  • Zoom Free Trichomes

    Zoom Free Trichomes

    Magic Touch provides this amazing zoom utility so I feel bad sometimes when you can see the trichomes without even using it. This shot covers […]

  • Higher Quality Marijuana Images

    Higher Quality Marijuana Images

    Here is a little information about marijuana that i found to be rather interesting. Marijuana Caviar. So the brief rundown is that this is $1400 […]

  • Electrical Tape

    Electrical Tape

    That there is a retro shot of something fruity. The electrical tape in the shot can be used for all sorts of things. Add this […]

  • Gloomy Thursday!

    Gloomy Thursday!

    Hopefully these HD marijuana pictures will pick up your gloomy Thursday. **************Full Screen in the Top Left Corner of Every Picture************** Thank you Magic Touch […]

  • One Eyed, One Horned, Blind ________ People Eater

    One Eyed, One Horned, Blind ________ People Eater

    These images have not been photo-shopped. This shit is real. Bright green hairs and dark purpley flowers. Do you know where the purple comes from? […]

  • Happy Beasters!!!

    Happy Beasters!!!

    I hope everyone’s out there today hunting for the bizarrely colored eggs off zombie Jesus because sometimes those eggs have money in them. I figured […]