Everyone loves a nicely colored, inside out, and thick glass marijuana pipe. The colors that seem to appear out of nowhere are due to marijuana resin sticking to the inside of your pipe, and making the subtle colors more apparent on a black background. What if you get too much resin stuck inside your pipe? How do you clean marijuana pipes? Everyone has their own method I suppose but the 3 most common are scraping, boiling, or a cleaning solution of some sort. Some people just bust out the coat hangers, paperclips, and scissors and just start chipping away at the old hardened resin. This can be extremely sketchy and has the highest chance of chipping or breaking a bowl. This method does not get the pipe completely clean though. A lot of people will boil a pipe to heat the resin and make it easier to remove from the pipe. The problem with boiling marijuana pipes, is not only the risk of glass breaking from change in temperature multiple times, but also keep in mind that old resin covered marijuana pipes smell like old stinky resin. Boiling the pipe causes the smell to permeate your entire house. Lastly, and my favorite and safest of ways to clean a pipe is with a cleaning solution. You can go down to any head shop and pick up one of many pipe cleaners. The best and cheapest method I have found is to soak the entire pipe in rubbing alcohol in a glass or bucket overnight. Use salt as a natural abrasive for the small inside nooks and crannies. Just pour a little salt and rubbing alcohol into the pipe, plug up all the holes, and shake. Your can buy bottles of rubbing alcohol for 80 cents at most grocery stores and you may already have table salt in your home, making this method extremely cheap and practical. Be careful cleaning anything made of glass. I hope this helps everyone out there clean up their resin situation.