If you plant it it will grow, but getting your optimum yield of fabulous marijuana nuggets that are HD marijuana image worthy can be a difficult task. This is a super loaded question and cannot be answered definitively. You want to optimize all possible variables for your specific genetics and find what works best for the marijuana strain you have. Many variables affect the yield including: humidity, temperature, watering, nutrients, ventilation, carbon dioxide presence, lighting, marijuana strain, and how green your green thumb truly is. Too hot is bad and so is too cold, you want to stay between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit during “day” and a few degrees colder at “night.” Bust out the hygrometer and try to lie around 50% humidity, much more puts you in the mold realm. DO NOT OVER WATER!! Each strain has a favorite nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium blend, it is up to you to find out what your plant likes. Plants breath just like people but they breath CO2, no oxygen, make sure your getting fresh air into your environment as not to suffocate the plant. Lighting and wattage are key. A cool blue fluorescent light can be used to vegetate and a more reddish high pressure sodium light spectrum should be used to flower. You will get results with most spectrums but best results follow a formula. A general rule of thumb in lighting is about 16 ounces (1 LB) for every 1000 watts used in flowering, if you’re close to this then your on the right track. Lastly your yield is going to depend upon your overall experience and skill as a farmer. This will come in time and must be learned…often times the hard way. Good luck I hope this helps farmers out there get the most out of their time invested. If it turns out great take some HD marijuana pictures and submit them. (Once that part of the site is active of course.)