This is part one of how to sex a marijuana plant. This section will be focusing on how to tell if your plant is male before it starts to flower and tells you what a flowering male will look like. The sexing of marijuana is a key part in growing buds full of trichomes for HD marijuana pictures and not full of seeds. Marijuana plants, like other plants, have a pre-flowering stage when they reach sexual maturity. For marijuana this time is after 4-8 weeks of vegetative growth. You can still grow the plant without flowering after this but this is your key to keeping males away from female prior to pollen production. Early male flowers can be spotted easily by eye or with a magnifying glass. They are located at branch internodes. You must always wait till you see these pre-flowers to begin actual flowering. The young male flower will emerge behind the new growth leaves at the 5th or 6th internode on the stem. What does a young male marijuana flower look like? It will look like new growth with little scrotum like sacs growing out behind it. These sacs will be free of hair like pistils and look kinda like a light green seed shaped bud. Male plants are on average taller and have less leaves. This is because of their goal in life…spreading pollen. As you can imagine it is easier to spread pollen farther when you taller and have less leaves to get in the way. Male flowers are short and put off a little cluster of pollen sacs that dangle on a small stem until they open. Males will pollinate sometimes as soon as 24hrs after flowering has been induced and will continue to do so for much longer than a female flowering cycle. Males produce less THC and resin since they don’t need anything sticky to catch the pollen. This results in less trichomes for HD marijuana pictures. Hope this helps a bit, and I will be covering how to sex females in the following post so stay tuned.