Sometimes you will hear someone speak about premature marijuana. What is this immature weed they speak of? How can I make sure my weed isn’t immature? Basically each strain and plant has a prime time for harvesting depending on its conditions. A lot of people want it right now and will rush the last week or two, but in that time the plant is getting a lot done. If you harvest to early you could lose out on potency and the high could even be different. If you get lazy and harvest to late the trichomes will start to break down in which potency, flavor, and smell may also decrease.

To know when the right time to harvest is, you are looking for a couple of distinguishing features.

1. The hairs of most plants are a good indicator of when the plant is beginning to mature. The hairs will begin to change from whitish clear to a darker burnt orangey color. (Note on some strains this is not true since some strains have different color hairs all together.) This is not the main thing to look for but is, in most cases, a good indicator that you should start paying closer attention to the trichomes.
2. Trichomes are usually the more sound indicator of the proper time to harvest. To properly look at these little jewels you will need a mini handheld microscope, a good magnifying glass, or a jewelers loop. There are 3 basic trichome stages. Stage one is the new and clear trichome, stage two is the cloudy and white, mushroomed trichome, and stage three is the amber are sometimes curled mushroom trichome. There a millions of trichomes on any given plant so you will not be able to get them all matching. A good rule of thumb for harvest is mostly cloudy with some clear left and some amber starting. (Again, some strains are different and this is just a generalization for most plants.)

Waiting is important since you will get a fuller flavored, better smelling, better smoking, and more potent bud if your plant reaches full maturity. Not to mention a nice mature bud sure does make for a better high definition marijuana picture.