This day only comes once every four years. What a great day to try something new. You have always wanted to try cannibutter but never wanted to risk ruining that nicely cured herb. You’re waiting to use shake and trimmings so as not to waste the buds. Take the leap and make a small batch of butter today. Depending on the potency of your herb 3-5 grams per stick of butter will be plenty. Before you begin I’d just like to let you know this is all merely for educational purposes. To prepare you’ll need a few things: A pot, some pot, one stick of butter, three quarters of a cup of water, a container, and a fine strainer or some cheese cloth. Bring the butter and water to a boil in the pot. The water helps to agitate the mixture and helps keep the butter from burning. Once boiling add your marijuana, cover the pot, and reduce heat to a strong simmer. You’ll want the marijuana as finely ground as possible to increase extraction. Simmer the mixture for 1-6 hours stirring occasionally. Some people will say the longer the better but I have seen great results with short periods of time as well. Strain the super green mixture into your container and place in the fridge to cool. Once cool you you remove the now green and solid butter that is floating on the dark green water mixture. Discard the water mixture and enjoy your cannibutter. Don’t worry none of the good stuff will be lost in the water as THC is not water soluble. If you decide to take the leap you should also take some pictures and post them up at